A trip to the top of the continent, Denali is "The Great One"


Day 1 Saturday, May 9 Travel to Talkeetna, AK
Day 2 Sunday, May 10 Fly to Base on glacier, ski to 7700'
Day 3 Monday, May 11 Tent bound
Day 4 Tuesday, May 12 7700 to 9450'
Day 5 Wednesday, May 13 Place cache at 11,200'
Day 6 Thursday, May 14 Move to 11,200'
Day 7 Friday, May 15 Place cache at 13,500'
Day 8 Saturday, May 16 Move to Genet basin, 14.000'
Day 9 Sunday, May 17 Back-carry cache to 14,000'
Day 10 Monday, May 18 Summit attempt
Day 11 Tuesday, May 19 Return to Base
Day 12 Wednesday, May 20 Fly out

Denali, aka Mt. McKinley, has arguably the greatest height of any mountain in the world if measured from base to summit, rising from just above sea level to 20,320'. The actual rise is over 19000'. Planes help one cheat, because you get to fly into the base airstrip on the East Fork of the Kahiltna glacier at 7200'. But that still leaves a 13000' climb. And it's not just any sort of climb; one has to carry all their gear and provisions, around 125 pounds, as one ascends.

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