Denali, Day 12: Fly out


Wednesday, May 20

Day 1 Travel to Talkeetna, AK
Day 2 Fly to Base on glacier, ski to 7700'
Day 3 Tent bound
Day 4 7700 to 9450'
Day 5 Place cache at 11,200'
Day 6 Move to 11,200'
Day 7 Place cache at 13,500'
Day 8 Move to Genet basin, 14.000'
Day 9 Back-carry cache to 14,000'
Day 10 Summit attempt
Day 11 Return to Base
Day 12 Fly out

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Early the next morning we took care of our Park Service duties- we showed our trash bag, our CMC, and returned our gas cans.

When the plane finally arrived, it was a Beaver, which seats four, one of these being the pilot. I volunteered to stay behind so the other guys could get out.

The red circle shows the plane... or it shows the perspective and how huge this country really is.


I had to wait for an hour and a half, during which I imagined my friends taking hot showers, donning clean cotton clothing, and greedily drinking cold beers.

But I was rewarded for my chivalry when I found out that the Otter I was to ride on had to make another stop before returning to Talkeetna. It had to pick up two more climbers in the Ruth Amphitheater. The following pictures are just a few of the almost 150 shots I took during this spectacular flight.

Here we are looking back up the Kahiltna past Ski Hill to Kahiltna Pass.

More glaciers than you can shake a stick at Plane
Moose's Tooth Plane
The Ruth Amphitheater Plane
The Susitna river and green ground Plane

And a look back at Denali just before we landed.


Note: From what I can tell, we made the right decision. It looks like the next summit day was on the 25th.

This blog gives the day-by-day (actually twice each day) report of several AMS (Alaska Mountaineering School) groups. Click on the "newer post" and "Older post" links to change days.

This Climber's Log on SummitPost shows some folks did summit on the 25th.


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