Crystal Lake


It's not an easy hike to Crystal Lake, but the instruction from a pro makes it worthwhile.

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My aunt and uncle were visiting, down from the Wenatchee, Washington area. We had a mini get-together, with my brother Tom and I driving up to McCall to meet up with them at my dad's house. Uncle John just turned 74 during a visit to the Tetons. As an active forester, he still hikes the hills a lot. He decided to play the Bobby Riggs type, prognositcating about how he would "have to take it easy so you guys can keep up."

The next morning, we hit the road for the Fall Creek trailhead right at 9am. With the morning shadows still apparent, that's Fall Creek saddle in the background, about 2200' above the parked car. As it turns out, both Dad (79) and Uncle John move pretty well.

Fall Creek summit

Here's Uncle John moving off-trail. In Bobby Riggs fashion, he would point out that he is ahead of Art.

Uncle John

Here he is giving Art and Tom pointers on how to keep up.

Art, Tom, and Uncle John

Carol brought a fishing rod, so Uncle John stayed at the lake to give her pointers. In the bigger version, you can probably see the group fishing (and kibitzing).

Meanwhile Art, Tom, and I hiked up the hillside to see the upper pond.

The panorama below shows the pond.

Crystal Lake vista

Upper pond

Sammy, Art's dog, shows good form while drinking: No point in tipping your head unless it's completely necesssary.

Getting a drink

The non-fishing group went for the loop around the lake, descending this cool slab.

I'd been here before with Jasmine. Here's a picture of her in about the same place.

The slab

Then it was time to head back. Even on the descent, Uncle John was busy picking sticks out of the trail, moving logs, etc. After all, he had to find something to do while he waited for the rest of us!

Resting on the saddle

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