Cervidae: Training begins


We lug 120# of kitty litter up Cervidae-- because it's good for us!

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It has finally begun: we have just over two months before we fly to Alaska to attempt Denali. Time to start training.

So this morning we went to Albertson's to get three 20# bags of kitty litter for Tom's new expedition pack. We did the 20 minute drive out to the trailhead, loaded the kitty litter into the pack, and took off. I cautioned Tom not to try to walk at his normal speed. Once we got to the steeper terrain I no longer needed to counsel him; the kitty litter did the talking.

About an hour and 20 minutes later, we were on top. And tired. In this picture, that's 120# of kitty litter. With pack weight, water, and misc clothes, about 70# each.

There is a surpisingly small amount of snow about. That's Heinen in the background. Heinen
And Kepros. Kepros

And Lucky Peak Reservoir.

Despite a cold wind, it really was a nice day with lovely lighting. And lots of cervidae, both big and small.

Tom found going down to be more punishing than going up, but when we got back to the car we were both pretty much thinking about sofa-surfing with our feet up.

Lucky Peak reservoir

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