Bogus powder


Secret powder stash just outside Bogus Basin ski area

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Bogus got around 10-12" of fresh in a very short period, but inside the area it was skied out immediately. Lew called and asked me if I was up for some woods skiing. He didn't really need to ask.

So we got to the area early and skinned up and over before the chairlift opened. Then we proceeded to mark up the unmarked hillsides. The snow was wonderful- cold and light. But my camera didn't seem to like those conditions so I quit trying to take any until we stopped for lunch.

You can see some of our tracks here, and there are more in the glade in the background. By the time we were done, the little screen of Lew's GPS looked like a spider web.


Meg had to leave for a hockey game, so Lew and I escorted her back to the track out, then dove back down for some more runs, the best of the day.

After a few more laps, we needed to refuel. As a place to sit while we ate, Lew chose this stump for the view. I had the first aid kit ready...

Lunch stump

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