Bald Mountain


In impressive hulk, Bald Mountain offers easy walking and incredible views

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After our big day yesterday on White Mountain, South Twin, and North Twin, we needed to start a little slow today. But the alarm went off at 5:30 so we were ready to go before the sun was up.

After a short drive to Bayhorse, we were on our feet in the cool air. But no warm-up for us poor boys: this road starts out steep and only gets steeper.

Road hike

The old mining road winds around the mountain, does a few switchbacks, then brings you into the basin below the summit (in the far background).

The Lopez guide suggests just going straight up here. This is very do-able, but we liked the looks of the wild cat road that headed up the hillside to the left here.

Up to the summit

Believe it or not, it keeps getting steeper. And it's long, so it keeps getting steeper.

Cat road

All good things do end, though, and eventually the road gains the ridge and the angle drops back. But the cat kept going. And like the battery bunny, it kept going. All the way to the summit.

Looking down toward Challis

The rock up there is really easy to walk on, so we were also soon on the summit. We saw evidence of ATVs and motorcycles here, too. But that's another story.

On the bright side, the air was really clear. With Bald Mountains and high prominence, you know we had great views.


This one was close at hand. The first step is a doozie.

A little further away, Castle Peak. Castle Peak
And in poor lighting, the north face of Mount Borah. Mount

We rubbernecked for a while, but the wind was again howling and the temperature was cold enough that gloves were not keeping our hands warm. Time to head down.

On the descent, we used the Lopez route but sought out the softest scree, which allowed us to plunge step the 2300' back to the road below.


As we drove home, we stopped briefly for a few pictures of the Bayhorse mining complex and charcoal kilns (very cool, but all on Dan's camera).

Then we stopped along the highway for the "beauty shot." That's our Bald Mountain in the background, now one of my favorite peaks.

Big Dan's trip report (with pictures of Bayhorse and the kilns).

Bald Mountain

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