Titus Ridge


After three misses, I finally get the traverse from Galena summit to Saviers Peak (and back)

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Mariel and I tried this last November and got skunked in deep snow without snowshoes. Then we tried it on Christmas day, but were too lax in starting and it was really stormy. So this was my third try...

The route goes from Galena summit on Hwy 75, near the left of the picture, to Saviers Peak, just right of center.

I left Boise at a bit before 6, and was parked on the summit just before 9. And on my feet at 9:15. 32°, calm.

Titus ridge from the highway
The first part of the trail had been walked in, and the melty footprints had iced over. But it wasn't really a problem. I hit the first bump in about 30 minutes. In the sunshine, I stripped down to a t-shirt. Sawtooths
I was on Lower Titus in about 75 minutes, surveying the rest of the route. The peak on the left is Titus, the one on the right is Bromaghin, and Saviers is in the background between them. Route
Looking west from the ridge near Titus, I spotted this weird-looking geologic formation. Bumps valley
Here's a closeup of the bumps. Weird. One suggestion is that these might be kames. Bumps
The face of Bromaghin looked intimidating but was actually quite easy. That gave me confidence for the rest of the day. Leaving the summit of Bromaghin heading for Saviers, I followed Big Dan's advice and stayed right on the ridge. I don't think I ever got more than 20' below the crest. South ridge of Bromaghin
This is the view of Saviers Peak's north ridge, although you can't really see the pronounced false summit. It wasn't bad; just stick to the top of the ridge. North dige of Saviers
I had taken brief rests on each summit as I moved along, But on Saviers, I sat for 20 minutes with my binocs and camera. Then it was time to move...

Normally, getting down does not take a lot of energy. But on this ridge, you better save some gas- there is a lot of Up to do to return to your car, even though it's 1700' below you.

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South ridge of Titus

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