Puebla to Tlachichuca


Day 4, Mexican Thanksgiving:
Bus to Tlachichuca (9000')

After our long day and horror-show of a bus ride yesterday, we decided to change plans to allow some additional rest.

Our original schedule had us riding the early bus to Tlachichuca and driving immediately up to Piedra Grande, the hut on Pico de Orizaba at 14k. We reasoned that rest was as valuable as time spent at altitude, so we called Servimont and changed our plans (Servimont is the company we chose to provide climbing services; they have dorm-style sleeping accommodations, meals, supplies for sale or rent, and a shuttle service up the mountain).


Luis at Servimont agreed to our change of plans, so instead of immediately heading for our next climb, we relaxed and wandered around the zocalo area of Puebla a bit. It is a very nice city with lots of beautiful architecture, museum, and more. We didn't have a lot of time, but we did peek in at this church and some other sights.


We considered staying another night in Puebla, but the hotel was booked so we couldn't keep the room.

So we again packed up, got a taxi to CAPU (the Puebla bus station), and took a later bus heading east to Tlachichuca where Servimont is located.

This is just a shot out the bus window as we passed through another town.

As we got nearer, we finally saw Pico de Orizaba. We were getting excited. As you can imagine, we also had a lot of discussion about altitude, our preparation, etc...... Izta
As we turned up the road to Tlachichuca, we could see it even better. Izta

Another fuzzy photo... this time of the bunk room at Servimont. The heavy equipment is there because this building once was a soap factory. It was built about 150 years ago. Rustic, but historical and very interesting. Mariel liked the slight smell of diesel.

When we got here we found that the place was almost full. First, as expected from previous conversations we ran into Lawrence and Oso again. We also ran into a face we saw at the hotel in Amecameca (but had not introduced ourselves); Lolo of Munda Explora and his five-person team of very fast Spanish climbers (who, after climbing Izta, had run a marathon before coming here- where one team member won, and Lolo got 5th). We also met a seven-person women's outdoor group from Colorado State. We would all be going up to Piedra Grande together the following day, and share summit day as well.

I could go on about the Servimont place, but this is a climbing report. Ask me and I'll tell. But I do want to say the folks at Servimont were absolutely super. They treated us like we were first-ascensionist, not like the peak-bagging touristas that we all were.

So we had a great family-style dinner and hit the sack. We tried to control our excitement about tomorrow.


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