Idaho to Mexico City


Day 1, Mexican Thanksgiving:
Fly to Mexico City

This trip for my daughter Mariel and I took place over a long Thanksgiving weekend in November. To start off, Julie drove us to the airport. We each had a climbing pack plus a 50-pound bag of gear. We left on the same flight to Minneapolis together at 7am.

We were using my miles on Northwest for one ticket and paid for the other, but for some reason Northwest couldn't put us on the same flights without charging a bunch more. So from Minneapolis, I went to Atlanta and Mariel went to Houston. Then we converged in Mexico City within about 30 minutes of each other, Mariel arriving first. When I got through customs at about 11 PM, Mariel was waiting for me.


We changed $300 to pesos at the airport and started wandering around lost.

We were both exhausted and could not face the planned bus ride to Amecameca. While we marched around trying to figure out how to get out of the terminal, Mariel spotted a small booth for Camino Real Aeropuerto Hotel, where we had reservations for the last night. Although they were quite expensive, we decided we needed to just pay up and get some sleep. Fortunately, they had a shuttle and we were soon in bed.

Special note: Do not use the credit-card phone service at Camino Real: extreme ripoff! You will pay $40 US for a two-minute call.

We were exhausted and we'd do the bus thing tomorrow.

Camino Real

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