Turner Gulch


A developing area, Turner Gulch is close to town

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Over the years, I've done quite a few hikes in this area. During that time, the trails have grown, both in length and width of tread. One thing has been consistent- it's close to town and so makes a nice hike in a wilder environment than one might expect. We almost always see deer, and sometimes other animals, too. And rarely do we see people once we leave the parking lot. However, some of the people we have seen have been hunters, so dress accordingly in-season.

The trail leaves the back of the Turner Gulch boat ramp parking lot. Just drive to the back, upper end and look east.

From there, a well-developed trail meanders across the hillside until you reach a gate. After you close the gate (you did close it, didn't you?), the main trail goes right. However, the trail off to the elft that leads over the toe of a ridge is also fun. If you look up that ridge, you will see this formation, which we have dubbed Bunny Rock.

Immediately above the rock in the picture, you can see the main trail.

Bunny Rock

On this trip, we did a loop that brought us down the ridge above Bunny Rock. This is what the valley looks like from that vantage point. That's Lucky Peak reservoir, with the closest pavement being the Turner Gulch boat ramp and parking lot.

Lucky Peak reservoir

Looking uphill from there, you see one of the many ridgelines. Most of these ridgetops have at least a cow trail, if not an ATV road. From there, we followed game trails back to the bottom of the drainage. My daughter Mariel demonstrates the required equipment for a hike in this area: sunglasses and light hiking shoes.

Unfortunately, "people" have left "evidence of their passing," even in this relatively unspoiled area. You know what I meant when I used the quotes, so don't be one of those.

Mariel and the upper canyon

This map shows the more standard route traveled in the right-hand canyon, not the left canyon with Bunny Rock. But there are lots of variations.


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