Lower Titus Peak


A Christmas Eve snowshoe in a storm puts us in the holiday spirit.

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It was Christmas eve, so neither of us felt like cranking out in an early start. So at about 10, we finally got in the car and headed out for Galena summit.

When we got there, it was full winter conditions: windy, snowing, and quite cold- low teens. We bundled up and headed across the highway, where Mariel got to put on her new snowshoes for the first time.

A party of three skiers had started just before us- a good sign in all the fresh snow. However, we found them taking off their skins only about 1/2 way up to the first false summit. No problem- there were still tracks to follow. Like the skiers we had been following, those tracks soon disappeared and we were breaking our own trail in deep, soft snow. Up-to-your-knees-on-snowshoes deep.

We stopped in some trees to escape the wind while we stood to eat and drink a bit, then proceeded on. As we got out on the ridge, the sun came out and gave some wonderful views of the Sawtooths. But the camera was frozen, so no pics.

When we finally got to Lower Titus, it was after 2 o'clock and we were tired. And cold. So with our goal in sight and close by, we headed back down. It only took us 45 minutes to descend what had taken over 3 hours to climb. We consoled ourselves over hot chocolate at Galena Lodge.

We'll be back.

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