Mount Heinen


We climb the "standard" route up Mount Heinen in early snow.

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I was in the car and we had left my house, but we still hadn't decided where we were going: Bogus, Cervidae, or Heinen?

Tom ruled out Bogus, because he's hoping to spend a lot of time there soon. We had been up Cervidae earlier in the week... so Heinen it was. Besides, Tom hadn't done the regular route, he had only done one of my inventions.

But we also said that if the Heinen trailhead was full of hunters, we would turn back and simply repeat Cervidae again. We certainly saw a lot of hunters on the drive there, but when we got to Heinen, no one was parked there. So dressed in our brightest, we were off.

John navigates the fog
It took us just less than an hour to gain the ridge, and to get this view towards the summit. Haiku tree

It didn't take long and we were marching through new snow. Soon enough, we were walking through brush with new snows. Brrrr.

Cotton fills the valley

With one short rest while Tom traded shoes, we made it to the top in 2 1/2 hours. It was a little cold for guys used to shorts and t-shirts, but we hung out for a while anyway.

Summit shot

Then it was back down. We saw a few hunters, and a few deer. On the way down, the weather was less threatening, so we sort of took it easy. Stopped for a snack. Chatted with a hunter. Changed shoes again.

That explains why our summit was exactly halfway (in time) for the round trip.

We were expecting horrible weather, so by contrast it seemed like a really nice day.

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