Easley Peak and Cerro Ciento


A warm sunny day in the Boulder mountains yields two summits: Easley Peak and Cerro Ciento.

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It looked like another great weekend was coming, and then I get an e-mail from Super Dave: Wanna do something?

We bounced ideas and partners around and ended up heading for the Boulders above Sun Valley with Dylan and John from Mountain Home, leaving Boise a little after 4am to beat the expected heat. Our primary objective would be Easley Peak, and if we had time and energy we would also go for Cerro Ciento (even though I had climbed Cerro with Big Dan only about a month ago).

We got out of town a few minutes late. Then we had a hard time figuring the best parking spot. So when we finally left the car, it was about 7:20. It was light, so we didn't need our headlamps.

Since the temperature was just 20 degrees, the snow was firm, but we were still post-holing a bit due to the recent rapid thaw. So snowshoes went on.

Pete creek from the trailhead
As we worked our way up and across the ridges, we finally got a view up the valley between Easley and Cerro. We were encouraged by the potential for a long glissade from the saddle that separates them. The trail up Pete Creek

But rather than slog up the endless talus of the south ridge of Easley, we spotted this little gem of a gully. We switched to crampons and headed up for about 2000'

The trail up Pete Creek

As we neared the ridge top, the gully got progressively steeper. It maxed out at about 40 to 45 degrees, but the snow was 'al dente' so we felt pretty good on it. Still, no place to fall. Here Dylan pokes his head into the first sun of the day just 400' below the summit.

Kevin on the false summit


Once we left the gully, it was a lower-angle ridge walk to the top. Splattski put his crampons back on and worked the snow while Dylan, John, and Super Dave walked the scree. Dave is up close, and John is lower down on the ridge.

The summit ridge behind Kevin

Too bad the weather couldn't have been nicer.

There was a slight breeze on the summit, where we hung out for about 20 minutes eating and scoping the horizon in all directions.

If you look right above Dave and Dylan's heads, you can see the summit of Cerro Ciento. Super Dave said "It's a go" and we were off.

The north side of the bump on the ridge

Dylan and I took off to sus out the route, which also gave me a chance to photo Dave and John still on Easley's summit. Click for a bigger pic.

The last strectch to the summit

After the long rest, it was a bit hard to get going back uphill again, but we got to the top of Cerro at about 12:45 and resumed our lounging.

Kevin and John on the summit
At 1:15, we left the top of Cerro to continue the day's fun. The sun had softened up the snow in the valley and we got in some great glissading. Super Dave's "Fast Pants" ruled, as here he passes Dylan's inferior trousers. Kevin glissading

The red line shows our route up Easley. The pic shows Super Dave, Dylan, and John about 10 minutes from the car. Note Dave in t-shirt and no gloves; it was very warm, with temps in the 60s.

From the summit of Cerro Ciento, we got back to the car in just under 2 hours (Don't you wish, Big Dan!)

If you'd like to see more, Super Dave wrote his own trip report, with pics.

Kevin glissading

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