The winter started about average, then the precip quit. In an unusually warm spring, I took advantage and got up high. But later in the spring, work overwhelemed me and I missed some of my favorite season. I made up for it when school got out in mid-May. I also made good on my resolution to try climbing some routes that are more technical.

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Steam Mill Peak, UT and yurt January 13-17 Suki, Bill, Lew, and Nicole
Mount Hood, OR January 27 Brian, Gugi
Cerro Ciento February 3 Big Dan
Five Mile Creek February 17 Big Dan
Mount Breitenbach March 17 Kevin
Easley Peak and Cerro Ciento Peak March 24 Super Dave, John, and Dylan
Turner Gulch March 26 Mariel
Mt. Heinen April 1 Julie, Dan, Tom, Christian, Erica
Mount Hood, OR May 14 Mariel, Julie, and Brian
Baron Peak May 28 Tom
Horstmann Peak June 1 Tom
Jughandle Peak June 3 Art
Braxon Peak June 9 Tom
Grand Mogul June 16 Greg, Kevin, and Tom
The Fin June 17 Big Tom
Castle Peak June 24 Julie
Alpine Creek lakes backpack June 30- July 2 Jazz
Fourth of July extravaganza (Peak 11272, Caulken, WCP-9, D.O. Lee, Glassford, Blackman, and Fourth of July peaks) July 4-8 Art
Family reunion at Redfish Lake (Blackman and Fourth of July peaks, Bench Lakes, an attempt on Thompson Peak) July 16-20 Richard and Shelley; Daniel and Lena; John and Jazz; Tom, Susan, Chris, and Mack; David, Cathleen, Jennie, and Nathan
Slick Rock "Slippery Slope" July 28 Tom
Warbonnet Peak August 4-7 Brian and Little Bob
Mt. Mansfield and Camel's Hump, Vermont August 18-19 Big Tom and Amy
Thompson Peak, Mickey's Spire, and Mount Carter August 25 Tom
Finger of Fate September 8 Tom
Granite Peak, MT September 14 Bob and Tom
Rock Creek Butte, Elkhorn Peak, and Marble Point, OR September 23 Big Dan
Sheep Mountain October 6 Tom
Hard Butte October 13 Art and Carol, Tom
Mt. Heinen October 20 Tom
Boulder Mountain October 27 Richard; Art, Carol, & Tegan; Jim
Lost River Mountain November 2 Tom
Norton Peak November 3 Tom and Mariel
Cervidae in the moonlight November 21 Tom
Decker Peak November 24 Tom
Copper Mountain first ski of the season November 30 Little Bob
Big Lookout Mountain, OR December 16 Big Dan
Lower Titus December 24 Mariel
Humphrey's Peak, AZ December 26 Julie (solo)
Boise ridge tour December 29-30 Lew
Bull Trout Point December 31 Super Dave and John

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