Sturgill Peak



A snowshoe and climb in the Hitt Mountains

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Art and I wanted to bag a peak this weekend. I had been thinking of visiting the Hitt and Cuddy mountains, and since Art lives in McCall, it wasn't all that far away. So we were off just after the coffee shops in McCall opened, heading for Cambridge in heavy fog.

We drove up the road out of Cambridge, and were soon into snow. I had just put the studded snows on the Suby, so was willing to chase ruts, even though it had been several miles since we had seen the actual roadbed. Then the ruts stopped, and I was still driving- now, only on snowmobile tracks. Uh oh. Time to find a place wide enough to turn around.

Snowshoeing up Sturgill Peak


We got the rig turned around, strapped on the snowshoes, and took off up the road. It was not very cold, but somewhat humid. And the clouds/fog weren't much heigher than us, so we could not see our destination. After about an hour and a half, we found the Hitt Mountain trailhead. It didn't take long before we lost the trail in the snow, but through dead reckoning and a Forest Service map (mostly dead reckoning), found it higher up the mountain.

Punching into the snow crust with every step of the snowshoes, it seemed to take forever to finally get above timberline. Now we were fully in the fog, and the wind was howling. Low visibility, and our glasses were icing up. Eventually, we ended up taking off our snowshoes and walking in mud-yes, mud- to the lookout.

The camera was uncooperative, and the fog meant we could barely see 100 feet. But we did stand on the porch of the lookout, so I'm pretty sure we were on top. As it turned out, the fog didn't lift until we were well back to the car.

So if you want to see what it actually looks like up there, go see Dan's report at

And oh- for those so inclined- ask Art about the shortcut.


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