Stolle Meadows


We cross-country ski into the Stolle Meadows guard station near Warm Lake, Idaho

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Spring Break is always a little iffy in the mountains of Idaho. It can be glorious and sunny, or just about anything else.... but this day was the sunny type as we skied into the Stolle Meadows guard station. It's about 6 1/2 miles. Art and Carol had started from Lake Fork, so they were ahead of us. Dylan and I conversed about life and convulsed at the antics of Ida, the "labadope."

Dylan pulling "the angry man"

It wasn't much longer than two hours to the cabin, and there was Art, pumping water.

The dogs took about 30 seconds to meet each other, then played non-stop for the remainder of the trip.

We humans basked in the sun on the porch, and enjoyed libations from the wet bar.

Art pumps and the dogs sniff

The next morning it was foggy and gray. Art got up early and stoked the wood stove. We had a leisurely breakfast and later, got ready for our ski to Vulcan hot springs.

Art stokes the stove in his jammies

It's about 1 1/2 miles to the hot springs. We wound our way through the forest, and finally spotted the big pool. Dylan had slipped ahead and was already in the water.


Dylan works at relxing

Art and I wandered around and checked out the source for the hot water.

Then we all got in- for about two hours. The water is perfect for long soaks- not too hot, not too cold.

An elf on the Misty Isles? No, just Art

Once we achieved full prune-ness, it was time to head back to the cabin to check on the wet bar again.

The next day, as we skied back out, it looked a lot like this day, only with precipitation. Even so, a truly relaxing trip.

Skiiing across Stolle Meadows

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