Squaw Creek


A scenic and rugged hike on the south side of the Snake River

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We've been really busy recently, so even though it was a clear night and a full moon, I couldn't justify driving up the the White Clouds on my own. Instead, we did a close-by hike up Squaw Creek with Art. We left Boise, picked up Art in Caldwell, and were hiking within the hour. It was surprisingly warmer than in town.

This is what the entrance to the mouth of the canyon looks like.

Entrance to Squaw Creek canyon

Inside the canyon, the walls close in such that you have to rock hop to progress. Well, I suppose one could wade, but it wasn't that warm.

Julie inside the canyon

As you work your way up through the boulders and brush, you find this waterfall blocking the way, with a large pool in front

(Note the large boulder on the right).

Squaw Creek waterfall

You can climb around the boulder easily, but then you have to downclimb the back side. It's real climbing, so this hike must be Class III?

I'm not exactly sure what Art is doing here, but Julie seemed to find him funny.

Climbing down the boulder that forms the waterfall

I hadn't been here for several years, and was amazed at the amount of gravel/sand/rubble that had slid out of the side canyons. Here Art (in blue, low in the picture, to the right) is estimating how many tons will slide down in the next rainfall.

Sliding gully
Art needed to get back to his daughter's soccer game, and Julie and I had studying to do. So we scrambled out of the canyon, to return to the car via the uplands.
Scrambling out of the canyon

We didn't get to visit this upper section of the canyon. In fact, I've been here a dozen times and never had time to hike to the end.

Anyone want to go for a hike?

Upper canyon
There are lots of possibilities for hikes in the area, but this map shows where we went this day.
Squaw Creek map

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