Slab Butte


We climb "Das Buch," a short rock route on Slab Butte.

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I drove up to Art's house near McCall very early on Sunday morning to avoid the Labor Day traffic. We had coffee and chatted, then leisurely set out for our adventure.

We left the car at about 10:30, and headed for Slab Butte (which we couldn't see), navigating by the seat of the pants. Things were going well until we got headed off by a group of snarling sheep dogs. In avoiding the dogs, we ended up a tad too far south, but walking the adjoining ridgeline was good with me anyway.

Slab Butte in the background

From the ridge to the south, we had a great view of Slab Butte Lake and the area around Fisher Creek Saddle.

The peak on the left is Bruin Mountain. On the right is Black Tip Mountain, with Black Tip lower in the saddle.


Approaching this way also gave us a great view of our objective for the day. The red arrow points down "Das Buch," a route I found on

Since this was a relaxed day, we had lunch before heading over to the climb.

Route location

Then it was time to rope up. The guide said there was good protection and stable rock. That's the thing about relative terms....

From the top of the route, it's an easy scramble to the actual summit, a surprisingly flat and spacious area. Then a quick scramble south past the top of our route to a 3rd class gully, and a traverse back to our gear, all the while wondering which huge loose block of granite was going to take us out.

The Book

Back in our hiking gear, we visited Slab Butte Lake for a quick dip,

Then we headed back to the car, hoping to avoid the snarling Pyrenean dogs. No such luck. But at least they didn't stalk us this time.

Note: When we got back to the car, we discovered why the dip had felt so good- here it was September in McCall, yet it was 92 degrees!

Slab Butte Lake

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