Mores Mountain and Idaho City SnoParks


Ski touring and telemarking near boise, Idaho with Art and Tegan.

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Art and I left town about 6:30 Saturday morning for a dawn patrol ski tour of Mores Mountain.

Julie Platt with Mt. Adams in background

Art had never skied Mores before. As it turned out, this was a most excellent day to visit. It was foggy, but we got first tracks in deep, soft snow. This was thanks to depositing on the east side by wind.


In some of the lower gullies, it was filling our laps.

The Platts with clouds over Trout Lake

On Sunday, we visited the Park 'n Ski areas above Idaho City with Art's daughter, Tegan. Here she looks like one of the glamour babes from an old Sun Valley poster.

This picture was taken at Whoop em Up. They do not groom the trails there, but dogs are allowed. Neither us, nor the dog, really enjoyed breaking trail in that much soft snow. We didn't get far, but we had a good time in the sun and ate a little picnic.



Later that day, (without pictures) we skied up Banner Ridge and did a few tellies near the yurt. It's mellow terrain, but north-facing so it holds the snow well. Worth another trip, but I would go with several different sets of skis and plan on visiting more than one spot in a day.

Platts in a row

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