Rattlesnake Mountain


My elder daughter and I go for a hike in the Boise Mountains, and see snow.

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Mariel and I took a day off from our studies to get in a fall hike. But studies were calling, so we had to choose something not too long, and not too far away. Our goal: Rattlesnake Mountain from Tipton Flats campground. Plus, I had wanted to visit Tipton Flats.

As it turns out, Tipton is flat, but not much of a campground. However, the trailhead did have an official kiosk, even if there was no useful or pertinent information.

OK, off the soap box... the trail starts about 1/2 a mile below the photographer, behind the shady ridge. And it is an actual trail, and maintained for non-motorized! Pssst... don't tell the Forest Service!

Looking towards Tipton flats

We followed the trail up to a saddle, per Lopez's book, "Idaho- A Climbing Guide." However, the guide says to head straight up the ridge from the saddle. Instead, we continued another hundred yards to ascend a hillside with less brush. A short way up this hillside, we found an old trail tread, in reasonable condition- not even too overgrown. We followed this trail most of the way up the ridge.

Our goal for the day is the peak on the right.

Rattlesnake Mountain on the right.

The trail wanders back and forth across the ridge. About here is when we noticed the snow behind us.

Mariel following a rough trail

We finally got to the top of the ridge and started moving toward the summit. We had seen little spots of snow lower on the mountain, but on the shady side of the summit ridge, we finally saw some coverage. Ida, of course, is eating it.

Ida eating snow
From the summit, one could see lots of snow. The Sawtooths were white- you can see a bit of them at the very left side of the picture. Looking towards the Sawtooths

Then it was time to head back down. Studies await!

This is looking back down the summit ridge in a southerly direction. Our route had crossed this on the way up.

The summit ridge

We took a shortcut on the way back to save time. Mariel is a bit hard to see due to her green jacket, but look below the rock in the lower left corner.

When we got back to the car, we pretty much just high-tailed it home.

I would consider following the main trail (as marked on the map) next time, even though it would be longer. It's a pretty area, a nice trail, and well worth some additional time.

Taking a short cut

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