Packer John Peak


Super Dave finds a route that is super brushy

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Dave and I wanted to hike something non-technical during the Thanksgiving break. We bounced a few ideas around, and he chose Packer John, a peak with a lookout just east of highway 55. Cool- we could see some new terrain and still make it back for most of the Boise State game.

So we hit it just after sunrise, cranking up the very steep hillside above the Payette river. After the first thousand feet, the angle lessened- but the brush got thicker. The buck brush on its own wasn't too bad, but when you mixed in alder and aspen, it was virtually impenetrable. But that's the way we Idaho men like our hikes.

Snowshoeing up Sturgill Peak
After thrashing and sweating for hours, we finally gained the north-south trending ridge. Now which way is the lookout? We were finally able to put on the snowshoes, and found the old foundation, about 1/4 mile north. Snowshoeing up Sturgill Peak
We changed into drier clothes behind some trees, then headed up to the windy summit. The old lookout is gone, but the new relay stations takes up the space. Snowshoeing up Sturgill Peak
It was fairly cold on top- below freezing, and with a good wind. We used the great view (probably outstanding, but it was too cloudy to really tell) to spot a more inviting route down the mountain. Snowshoeing up Sturgill Peak

Our route worked- although it was pretty brushy, it didn't hold a candle to the morass of our route up. Soon we were back to the Payette and crossing the bridge. Football on TV, here we come- I only missed about the first 3 minutes of the game.


Super Dave trip report

Snowshoeing up Sturgill Peak

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