Kepros Mountain


A little snow on Kepros adds to the scenery.

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Kepros Mountain is one of my favorite local hikes, so with low snow and a need to get into the hills, we decided to try it with snowshoes.

We got an early start and caught the sunrise from on the ridge near Three-Point Mountain.


We weren't sure we could follow the trail in the snow, but there wasn't really enough to fully bury it.

There were a few drifts here and there, but we on the way out we did not put on the snowshoes. Art complained of the unneeded weight.

Dylan and Art

I didn't keep track of how long it took, but the lighting looking back on our route was fabulous.

We had binoculars, so the summit was lots of fun, identifying peaks. Summit
Cervidae looks pretty bare. We wondered how the skiers were doing at Bogus. Cervidae Peak with Bogus in the background

Off on the left, you can see Mt. Heinen.

Mt. Heinen

On the way back, we followed one of my loops down into Grouse Creek to follow the abandoned road. Down in the canyon in the shade, the snow was deep enough to warrant the snowshoes. So there, Art!

South fork Boise River canyon

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