Elkhorn yurt


We cross-country ski into a yurt above Idaho City, Idaho

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My friend Lew emailed me on Friday afternoon saying he had scored one of the coveted yurts on the Idaho City ski trail system, and that he needed company. Sure, Lew, glad to help out. A quick phone call to Mariel and Dylan and we were on board.

Lew planned to arrive late, so we skied in without him Saturday morning. During our ski, it was snowing and blowing. It's a long uphill grind to the yurt, making us sweaty in our sodden GoreTex. Standing bewildered in the blizzard, I was getting anxious- we had some difficulty finding the yurt- mostly a concern that we had passed it. But we finally figured out that we were actually about 200 yards short of the turnoff. I wasn't in the mood for pictures.

When we finally dragged our wet carcasses to the yurt, it was obvious that no one had been there for a while. The deck was under a foot of snow, and on the backside the snow was up to the middle of the windows. And it was cold inside.

Mariel started the fire, then Dylan and I proceeded to slowly dig out the yurt. It was about a 2 hour job. And being the dullards that we are, it took almost that long to realize that perhaps this is why Lew had invited us, and then arrived late? That Lew- he's some guy!


But here we are the next morning... sunny skies, all the snow shoveled out. Isn't life grand?

Bob and the vaan are dwarfed by the snow embankment

It was hard to leave so early in the morning. But mariel and I had neglected the homework we had lugged along- it was too much fun sitting by the fire and visiting. And Lew had a class to teach at Bogus that afternoon. And Dylan had to hurry back for the Super Bowl.

Here Dylan, Lew, and Mariel enjoy the sunshine.

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Bob in a powder cloud

And here I am with my family, courtesy of Lew the photographer.

Bob "smokin"

This is the view from right by the Banner Ridge yurt, looking toward Scott Mountain. From here, it's almost all downhill to the car. We had 2 inches of fresh snow on the tracks, and it was big fun.

On the way home, we talked about where to go on our next trip. Yippee!


Uptrack on Copper Mountain

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