Danskin Peak


The grlz get out for our "season-opener" that turns out to be lupenicious.

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After a few wrong turns, it took us 90 minutes to get from our house to where we parked for this climb. We could have driven further than 4800', but the next several mud holes looked intimidating. And it was a nice day for a walk.

We left the car right at 10am, and it was overcast and cool.

Jasmine packing up at the car

It only took about 45 minutes to get to the end of any track or road, and for the real climb to begin. It was immediately quite steep, so we had an immediate great view.

Jasmine working her way up the west ridge of Danskin Peak

We got to the top of the ridge at about 6200' without any difficulties. Then we had to swim across a manzanita thicket, all 100' of it, and boy did the guide catch heck.

While Jasmine does the crawl, I think Julie is doing the breast stroke?

Crawling through the manzanita near the summit
After the brush patch, it was an easy 15 minutes to the lookout. The last little bit was on the road. Danskin Peak lookout

And here we are on the summit with the South fork canyon in the foreground and the Trinity mountain on the horizon. As funny as Jasmine looks, her Mom's expression is even better.

Summit shot on Danskin Peak lookout
We opted to make a loop out of it, so we descended the south ridge. It runs for a little over a mile before you drop off. So we got to do this cool ridge walk, including these crenellated towers. Rock towers on the south ridge of Danskin Peak

Then it was time to leave the ridge. It is very steep through here... but one could still climb it.

After the first drop, you gain a spur ridge that takes some of the steepness out.

Steep hillside descending Danskin Peak's south ridge

The spur ridge was absolutely lupenicious. There were a lot of flowers out on the entire hike, but this area was incredible.

I'm pretty sure, judging by the cow pies, that the tread we walked had been well-fertilized in years past.

Lupine and balsam on Danskin Peak's south ridge

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