Copper Mountain


A questionable weather forecast results in another great ski day

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We left town at a leisurely 7am and headed for Copper Mountain.

We were on our skis at 9:45 and heading up Copper.

Skiiing up Copper Mountain

There was a bit of a sun crust under some fresher snow. After digging a pit, we decided to ski the same run that Bob and I had chased powder on earlier this winter. The snow was a little different then- pure powder.

Today, the snow was a little strange. But Tom was working it really nicely.

Tom flows through some not-too-light powder

Joel makes all snow look easy. We're not sure, but we think this particular turn might have been his billionth tele turn.

Joel makes one more turn

Bob and I skied up to tag the summit. Between Idaho's healthy winter, and lots of wind, the cornice is looking pretty manly.

Bob dwarfed by the cornice

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