Bruin Mountain and Bruin Peak


A solo climb of Bruin Peak and Bruin Mountain from Fisher Creek Saddle.

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Last weekend, Art and I climbed Black Tip Mountain, which gave us this great view, and me an idea for today's trip. That's Bruin Peak on the left, and Bruin Mountain on the right.

Bruin Peak and Bruin Mountain

I'm using the nomenclature from Lopez's book "Idaho: A Climbing Guide," where he points out that the USGS map has both summits marked as Bruin Mountain. Bruin Mountain is higher, but the benchmark is on Bruin Peak. Those USGS fellas have quite a sense of humor, no?

Bruin Peak and Bruin Mountain
I started from the Fisher Creek Saddle, heading cross-country up the obvious ridge. By doing a little shuck-and-jive, was able to traverse under the first knob of the ridge, where I took this picture of the top of Bruin Peak (the darker area on the left). From McCall, the peaks look sort of like gentle hills, but this picture shows differently, and a more true representation of the terrain. Bruin Peak

Bruin Peak is a long, boulder-strewn ridge. Just when you think you've finally reached the top, you find more ridge and another high point. Still, it only took me 45 minutes from the car.

I took this picture looking back. The red arrow points to the Fisher Creek Summit where I left the car. The peak below the horizon and left of the arrow is Black Tip Mountain.

Bruin Peak and Bruin Mountain

From the top of Bruin Peak, there is more ridge walking to do, then follow the ridge to the top of Bruin Mountain?

When I got closer, I decided to instead traverse over and climb the wooded area in the bowl.

Bruin Peak and Bruin Mountain

I think normally, heading North, one could get off the top of Bruin Peak fairly directly. However, I was not equipped to handle this snow patch and cornice, so I had to do a bunch of additional ridge walking and then some rock scrambling to exit the ridge.

Bruin Peak

I missed the ideal route to the Bruin Mountain route and was forced to do some sketchy work to get down some cliffs. But when I got to the top, I was richly rewarded with the view.

This vantage point shows my return route (I love two things: ridge walks and loops) and the arrow again shows the location of the car.

Bruin Peak

And here's what Bruin Mountain looks like from the French Creek trail, showing my descent route.

The "trail" is just barely there (thanks alot, Payette National Forest), and although I found it hard to follow, I could find it again by traversing across the hillside because the trail essentially goes straight up the hillside, paralleling the creek.

Bruin Peak and Bruin Mountain

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