Black Tip Peak


Blacktip Peak sits at the head of three drainages, with easy access and outstanding views.

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After our hard hike up McCabe Peak yesterday, we were not interested in anything too hard. Black Tip looked like a good way to loosen up our tired legs.

We parked at Fisher Creek Saddle and strolled up onto the ridge. There was a little scrambling, and some snow. Jake, the malamut, kept running off chasing the scent of elk. We saw them- he didn't. We finally put him on a leash and took turns getting our arms dislocated.

Black Tip Peak
It's only about 1 1/2 miles to the top, where we were treated to fantastic views. We luxuriated in not having to walk much and spent over an hour on the summit, eating and sightseeing. Black Tip Peak

Although we were on Black Tip Peak, this is the actual Black Tip about 1/4 mile to our east. We were with dog, so this one will have to wait for another day.

Black Tip Peak
The Cougar Creek drainage looked wet and green. Cougar Creek

French Creek also looked pretty and lush.

Cougar Creek

Looking south, we could see Payette Lake, Brundage Mountain, and Brundage reservoir.

We made a loop out of it, and ambled back to the car.

Cervesas in the snow bank!

Black Tip Peak

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