Beaverdam Peak


Art and I do a "traverse" of Beaverdam Peak.

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It was a great weekend to be in McCall. Yesterday we had climbed Patrick Butte with Carol, and today we were in a totally different part of the range, climbing a peak we'd both been looking at for over 30 years.

We weren't sure which way we wanted to go, with two choices. So we combined them by climbing the line on the right and descending the line on the left.

Part way up the first pitch

This is typical Lick Creek range climbing- lots of wonderful granite to scramble on, mixed with dead and slippery huckleberry bushes.

Top of the first crack

But we plugged away, and pretty soon we were at the top of the gully.

From there, it was more typical top-of-the-mountain stuff for this area, mixing deadfall and granite blocks on a very steep hillside. As usual, the bet route stayed very close the the ridge top.

Bottom of the second crack

It was a really great morning to be on the top of a mountain (.... but, aren't they all?). It was fairly warm, and not a breath of wind. Fortunately, most of yesterday's smoke had cleared out, and we gazed at the view for a long time. North and South Loon, McCabe, Sawtooth, Fitsum, Nick, Snowslide, Slick Rock, and more.... you can see these peaks all together on the Lick Creek section of Idaho peaks page

Top of the second crack

We could even see Rain Peak (finally!).

Top fo the third crack from the lunch shelf

But I had to get back to Boise, so we headed out. The gully down looked like it might dead end, but when we turned the corner below this big overhang, we found the key to getting down without having to do any serious slab work.

Next time, we might bring a rope and do the slabs- they're a little lower angle than Slick Rock, and look like lots of fun.

Approaching the underclings

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