Jaz visits Wisconsin


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After last week's visit to New Hampshire, I went to Wisconsin. I have to admit I was caught at a really bad time judging by the look of my face, but I was overjoyed to be holding the frame of Lance Armstrong's actual bike. I thank Dad for making me look like an idiot in this photo.

After visiting with some of Dad's friends in Sun Prairie, I think I have gotten my share of kittens for the moment. Warning: Kittens climb your pants up to your shoulder unexpectedly and make another idiot of you on camera.

Soul Rider! I was kickin' it with a motorcycle in the rain, cruisin' through a field with major speed.

I went kayaking. My totally awesome tie-dye kayak and I went for a cruise in the Madison water with Caroline. There is nothing cooler than warm water, a slight tailwind and 7up.

Ok, if you see me any time soon, don't ask. This is the biggest lily-pad I've personally ever seen. I even took it home and measured it to be 16 and 1/2 inches in diameter each way. Can you beat that? I bet you CAN'T!

There is really nothing to say for this photo. It is REALLY self explanatory.

Unlike the photo above, there is a lot more than meets the eye about this picture. Note the typewriter, Bucky Badger plush toy on top of a 7up, sketchbook, iPod mini and other miscellaneous items. Don't I look dandy.

Now this is what I came to Madison for. Not only was I born here, but I was a born shopper and a born artist. With the capital in the background, I stand next to a statue in the town square. This is what I like to call a sassy picture.

Here I am again, this time in front of a fountain by a museum that Caroline and I visited. The only thing different besides the scenery is a bag with my fourth pair of Chuck Taylor's. I am old school, I really do belong in 1973!

Ahh. What a trip. For our last event, we visited the 2006 Trek bicycle show. Seeing all the bikes for next year was a real treat, since I'm 12. So here is my daddy and I on top of the Monona Terrace next to the fountain.

The next morning, I flew home First Class. That's the kind of girl I am. Thank you dad, for this beautiful trip, it was the adventure of a lifetime.

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