Swanholm Peak


Another unsuccessful attempt at climbing Swanholm Peak.

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It was 6:30, and Mariel still wasn't there. I called, she apologized, and we finally rolled out of town an hour late at 7am. Mariel had a lot of school work to do, so she had to get home early. That lost hour would turn out to be critical.

The red arrow shows the lookout on top of Swanholm, our goal for the day. I had been within about 300 feet of the top in January, so I was eager to get up there today.

Two hours later we were parked at the Horse Heaven trailhead. I had walked most of this with Art and Carol on our Boise to Stanley walk. That day, with full packs and sore feet, it had taken us 2 1/2 hours to reach the saddle. Mariel and I, in a desperate attempt to summit before her turn-around time, made the saddle in an hour and 20 minutes.

Once on the saddle, the trail climbs steeply up the ridge to this view of the north face with snow (SNOW!) on it.

Yes, we've already had snow in the mountains. Here Ida sits in some.

Alas, the summit was not to be. Mariel could see her study time slipping away, so just beneath the summit on a perfect day we turned around. sigh. But it was still a great day for a Dad to enjoy the company of his daughter.

As a bonus, I recovered the five gallon bucket that Art, Carol, and I stashed last June. After all this time, it was pretty exciting to get back that extra hot chocolate, popcorn, and garbage.

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