Horton Peak


Horton Peak commands a view of the entire Stanley valley.

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I climbed Horton back in November of 2004. It's a great hike on a really nice trail, with a summit elevation of almost 10,000 feet. Great training, so I took the girls up it in preparation for our upcoming attempt on Mt. Adams. As it turns out, this was also an elevation PR for Shannon.

That's Castle Peak in the background, an item of interest for later this summer.

Note: I'm looking a little barked up because I just finished an 8-day backpack trip and haven't had a chance to clean up.

We also shot the summit shot looking towards the Sawtooths. Nice view up there, eh? Notice the artistic alignment of the thunderhead .....OK, next paragraph.

The clouds were threatening on the summit, so we hightailed it back to Redfish Lake.

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