Copper Mountain


My first day of skiing in the new season, Copper Mountain never seems to disappoint

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We weren't sure what the day would be like- it had been warm up high, and the weather guessers weren't giving us any good news. But we knew there was snow on Copper Mountain. And, well, what's a boy to do?

So we got an early start and were heading up the hill about 9am. It was snowing (good), and stormy (not so much).

But as we got to the lunch spot, the sun came out. Bob attributed it to some sort of karmic blessing for earning our turns.

The face of Copper was sun-crusted and windblown, never a great combination. But Bob the Tour Guide found us a secret stash of truly wonderful powder. Here John gets over his first-day-of-the-season jitters.

Bob was on his snowboard as usual. Happy as usual.

Here's Lew making first tracks down this opening in the trees. Lucky guy.

Lew was faster then the photographer, but if you click on the picture, you'll get a bigger version highlighting his perfect form.

And after a few runs, it was time to go home.

Mission accomplished: an awesome start to the new season.

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