Mount Chocorua, NH


An amazing chunk of granite, Mount Chocorua in New Hampshire yields a great loop hike with outstanding views.

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After our hard day peakbagging in the Presidential range yesterday, we spent the night at Silver Lake, going to sleep in the bunkhouse to the sound of the loons (no, not referring to anyone we know).

Then we got up at a leisurely hour, had breakfast at a cafe, and started walking at about 9:30. There are lots of trails up Chocorua, but Tom knew of one that would be quiet (we saw no one on the ascent).

After climbing a couple thousand feet, we finally got out of the forest for our first close-up glimpse of our objective.

Just a little higher, we came to one of the hiking cabins that are sprinkled throughout the area. These trails are known for their shelters. They are also known for their fierce weather, illustrated here by the massive chains securing the roof to the building.

Inside, the cabins are spartan but comfy. Tom is reading the guest book. Pretty humorous.

As we got close to the summit, the "trail" is mostly on granite. Really, really nice granite. The trail traverses some some-what exposed ledges, offering incredible views.

When we got to the top, there were loads of folks. Some were on the summit, others were enjoying the views offered by the many ledges around the mountain. Tom is starting down a different ledge system than the one we climbed, going for an awesome loop.

The trail we went down was much more used than the one we ascended. There was a smooth tread for a change, and a lot of people. But after climbing 8000' yesterday and another 3000' today, it was nice to follow a well-trod trail back to the car.

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