Copper Mountain


A ski tour of the area surrounding Copper Mountain.

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This wasn't much of an adventure for a "normal" person, but it was something I had been dreaming about ever since I broke my leg in June: skiing.

Although I was elated to be on skis, I was afraid to try to turn- I just don't have the muscles to do a tele turn yet. So while Bob headed for Copper, I skied a flat trail through the woods. It was a beautiful morning, and after some awkwardness and stiffness, I began to get some kick-and-glide rhythm, even on my heavy touring gear. The worries from the last 1/2 year began to melt away.

But it didn't take long for my new boots to rub my ankle bone, and soon I was sore and tender. I felt almost as old as whoever carved this tree.

As I skied along, nursing my sore ankle, I had a view of this peak, where Bob and I had skied this spring on our Copper Traverse. The difference between then and now is surreal, for both me and the mountain.

Meanwhile, Bob had made it up Copper and got a run in (rotten guy!).

When he got back to the van, he was all smiles. He just kept saying, over and over, "Trick or Treat. Trick or Treat."

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