Cervidae Peak


A cool hike near Boise, Cervidae Peak makes a great training run.

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We were looking for a short hike, with good elevation gain, and close to Boise. I was having trouble coming up with a good idea, so referred to IdahoSummits.com, a favorite web site.

This hike starts just past Spring Shores, so the drive is even short enough for Tom.

We were soon heading up the sagebrush-covered ridge system leading to the peak.

It is a steady grind, without a single spot of shade. Go early!

We followed an old fire road to the toe of the ridge, then just followed the ridge. It has a few ups and downs, but mostly just up. The small dimple 2/3 of the way to the right of the picture is the summit.

You probably can't see the elk, even if you click on the picture to enlarge it. But we definitely saw them.

As you get higher on the ridge, you can see Lucky Peak reservoir, and even the Owyhees.

Some of the little bumps on the ridge can be traversed to avoid false summits.

Since it was Memorial Day, it was only fitting that there be a large flag on the summit. There was also a small dog dish, and even a summit register. Here, Tom's family poses for First Place.

We soon caught up to them, and then we all had a stand-up snack, admired views including Bogus Basin, and headed down the hill. Lawns to mow, etc....

There are lots of ways to climb this peak. The map shows our favorite, which has easy parking and follows a ridge the entire way.

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