Despite too much work and a full load at school, we were starting to get out, and I had big plans. Then I broke my leg- see "End of my summer." And with Dad moored on the sofa, the rest of the family did the same. But late in the year I was able to get back out, and even did some skiing. Here are a few highlights:

March 19-21 Wheeler Peak, Nevada Art
March 27 Lost River Mountain Bob
April 9 Copper Mountain Traverse Bob
May 8 Goat Lake Bob
May 21-22 Goat Lake (Thompson attempt) Todd
May 29 Cervidae Peak Tom, Susan, Chris, & Mackenzie; Ethan; and Julie & Jasmine
June 6 Galena Peak Julie and Jasmine
June 9-11 End of my summer (Tetons and Breitenbach) Big Tom
July 12 Humbug Mountain The family
  He's back.....  
September 27 Steele Mountain Art, Julie, Jasmine, and Sarah
October 31 Trick or Treat (Copper ski tour) Bob
November 7 Cervidae Peak Mariel and Dylan
November 13 Smoky Dome Gordy
November 20 Rock Roll Peak Bob
November 21 Horton Peak Bob
December 5 Mt. Heinen Dylan and Mariel
December 28 Wasatch skiing Tom

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