Wolf Mountain


A remote peak in the Boise Mountains, Wolf Mountain is a rocky pinnacle on a long ridge.

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Early Saturday morning we all piled into the truck for the beautiful drive up through Idaho City to the Edna Creek turnoff. We were heading up the road towards Graham. The guide book warned that the road required "a 4WD and the skills to use it."

Mariel had been doing what 20-somethings have done for years: partying on a Friday night. She got into the back seat of the truck and slept all the way to the trailhead.

From here, it's a ridge walk to the tallest point on the horizon.

After gamely hiking with her Dad under duress, Mariel finally asked to wait until the expedition returned. When Dad allowed Jasmine to wait with Mariel, Jasmine proclaimed, "It's a blessing!"

This view from the summit shows the route taken, as well as a couple of the rocky gendarmes that made this trip difficult- lots of steep, loose sidehilling.

It didn't look that far away, but moving hard and fast took John almost two hours to tag the summit and return.

The girls were feeling a little more rested, so we started hiking back.

Jasmine always enjoys hiking on the snow. Here she conquers the cornice.

When we got back to the truck, Mariel again climbed into the back seat to sleep all the way home. Ah, youth.

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