Lake Thirtythree


In the Lick Creek Range, Lake ThirtyThree is about 15 miles from McCall.

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Watching the NOAA web site, it looked like it was going to be a perfect McCall weekend. John really needed to study, so we attempted to plan an all-day hike, a concert, visiting, and returning to Boise early Sunday.

Well, most of it went according to plan.

To start with, we drove up Lick Creek road in the "Passout", only to find that the culverts were being replaced. Trying to navigate deep mud, we did a little road grading with Julie's fancy car. We finally made it to the pull-out and a view: we needed to climb 1400' to cross that saddle.

The hike into Thirtythree requires excellent trail skills, because the trail is often barely in evidence. However, for those who can follow it, the trail quickly yields rewards. The first meadow offers expansive views across the valley including Beaverdam Peak, on the left.

Although much of the Lick Creek drainage was burned a few years ago, the hike to Thirtythree was spared. Although we appreciate that natural cycles involve fire, it is still nice to hike in the primeval forest. But don't let the greenery make you think that there is no deadfall!

The first two miles are essentially flat; you gain only a couple hundred feet. The last half mile makes up for it, increasing in steepness until the valley ends in a cliff-band.

The final cliff is actually quite easy to negotiate, assuming you found the right spot to climb it. Otherwise, exiting this valley would probably require ropes.

From the saddle, you still can't see the lake. But 50 feet further, the view is stunning. Jasmine exclaimed breathlessly, "It's the most beautiful lake I've ever seen." We had a long lunch, and John and Julie ran up the adjoining ridge until it became too exposed.

We hiked down to the lake where John went swimming. Since this is a family web site, we can't show you pictures. Jasmine didn't like the looks of the lake bottom-the normal alpine lake gook-so she just waded on a sandy area that met with her approval.


Then it was time to hustle back to McCall for the 'Alice in Wonderband' concert.

Looking back at the pass from the lake, the trail looks distressingly steep. And it is a grunt. But it doesn't take too long when you're a strong hiker like Jasmine.


To add to the challenge, we took the "scenic route", which involves some 4th class climbing.

We got back to town in time to grab a bite and change for the concert. The Alice in Wonderband is local talent. This evening, the star seemed to be John's good friend Boozie and his mesmerizing oboe stylings.

The next day on our drive home, we ran into another good friend of John's, Dave (a.k.a. "the Quack"). Dave made the weekend for Jasmine by taking her for a spin on a Harley.

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