Rain Peak


In the Lick Creek range, Rain Peak is just north of McCall.

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Yesterday it was really hot for McCall, perhaps in the upper 80s. Art and John sweated their brains out on Slick Rock (large photo), then joined their families swimming in Payette Lake.

After yesterday's heat and exertion, we decided to take it a bit easier today, and hike into Pearl and Marge lakes. Jasmine and Jamie were all for the easier alternative. After a pleasant trail walk into Pearl, they were richly rewarded by seeing a beaver frolicking in the lake (sorry, I didn't catch it on camera).

From Pearl, it's cross-country through the old Payette burn to Marge. On the divide we had lunch and rested. There was also an animated discussion about what to do next.

While Richard and Julie led the girls down to, and around, Marge Lake, Art, Carol and John opted to explore and climb nearby Rain Peak. The summit is the little prow on the left. It's a very airy little space.

The route followed the right ridge line, although the upper reaches of the ridge were too blocky to negotiate easily. Instead, we traversed rough terrain a hundred feet below the ridge on the south side. Part of the fun was surprising a group of elk displaying good-sized racks. Art thinks they were escaping the mosquitoes and flies in the wind and cool of the ridge top.

Art and Carol peer over the edge of the summit prow. Seven Devils on the horizon.

Rain Peak has one of the more stunning views we've seen. As it seems to sit at the top of several drainages, the view is unobscured in all directions.

This view is northerly, looking over Marge Lake and down the 20 Mile drainage. Somewhere around the shore of Marge are Julie, Jasmine, Jamie, and Richard. During calm moments, we could actually hear their voices!

This view is looking sort of south, with the shadowy north faces of Sawtooth Peak and Snowslide Peak to the left of the obvious Lake Fork Creek valley. The dark pyramid to the right of the valley is Beaverdam. A close look at the right, lower portion of the valley shows Slick Rock in profile.

Although some weather was trying to blow in with some ominous-looking clouds, it ended up being a perfect day. There was just enough wind to keep the bugs away so we could comfortably walk in shorts and shirt-sleeves.

One final point- this was an incredible weekend for wildflowers in this area. The combination of moisture and temperature must have been just right, noted also by a thick harvest of huckleberries at the Payette Lake elevations.

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