Phi Kappa Peak and Peak 10,585


Two Pioneer peaks in a day, Phi Kappa Peak and Peak 10,585 are on an adjoining ridge.

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This hike starts at Trail Creek summit above Ketchum. Although the trail immediately starts climbing, it soon moderates to a slow rise up the valley. Here Jasmine has walked to the saddle, which requires a stiff climb at the end of the flattish valley. The truck is parked just past the rocky slope on the right side of the valley.

As you gain the saddle, you get a breath-taking view to the east. Devil's Bedstead West is in the background. A trail cuts across the talus hillside to the right, an invitation to another trip soon.

From the saddle, we bushwhacked up the ridge. Initially there is a bit of elevation gain, but then the vegetation thins and the ridge flattens out. Our primary objective, Phi Kappa Peak, is in the distance on the right.

It was Jasmine's highest summit ever at 10,516'. She has been higher, but on Standhope she was turned around at 11,100' and did not summit.

Jasmine was happy to make this summit.

But then Dad said we were also climbing Peak 10,585, in the distance.

Getting to the top of 10585 wasn't as bad as Jasmine thought, but the descent looked scary to her. She was not happy.

The dark face right over Jasmine's right shoulder is the north face of Goat Peak. The peak further to her right (your left) is Devil's Bedstead East.

The upper part of the gully was steep and loose rock- difficult terrain. After descending about 1000', we looked back to see a mountain goat grazing right where we had been. Where had he been hiding?

It took almost two hours to get down the descent gully But once on the trail, we only had about a mile to walk back to the truck.

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