Mount Hyndman


A training climb for Mount Whitney, we climbed Hyndman in the Pioneers in a single day from Boise

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We left Boise at 4am, telling ourselves it was good training for our planned start on Mt. Whitney later in this month, which would be at 3am.

Upon arriving at the trailhead around 7am, we found that the floodwaters of the recent warm spell had washed out the bridge. Melting snow makes for cold water, and John lost all feeling in his feet as he ferried Julie across then returned for his pack.

But with a beautiful Idaho sky overhead, they resumed the hike. With Richard in the lead, we quickly reached the end of the lower valley and started the steep grind up to the hanging valley. At 73, Richard has "slowed down" as you can see in the picture.

Julie was startled at the contrast in the upper valley. After all, it was just a little over three weeks since she had seen this area and compared it to her idea of Antarctica. The two tiny dots traversing the hillside are Julie and Richard.

As we got further up the valley, it became apparent that the main gully was in good shape and could save us some time. The gully is not technical, but at around 35 degrees, it's plenty steep. Richard gamely offered to lead.

As the altitude and effort of kicking steps caught up to Richard, Julie was able to pass him and made it to the top a few minutes ahead, at about 1pm.

Richard was not far behind.

The air was calm, and we had a long rest on the summit. Looking around, we had an excellent view of Standhope Peak (11,818') with the Lost River range on the horizon.

Father and son.

This was a one-day climb, driving from Boise, climbing, and driving back home. It made for a long day, but then Richard made his even longer, because he got in his truck and continued on to Payette.

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