Devil's Bedstead West


A challenging peak in the Pioneers, Devil's Bedstead West has an exciting scramble after a long hike.

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Considering it was Labor Day weekend, we had a quiet drive to Trail Creek summit, where we were the third car to park. It was cool, but not cold, as we headed up the valley. This is the same trail Jasmine and I hiked several weeks ago on our way to Phi Kappa Peak. Jasmine loves all the creek crossings.

It's about a three mile hike to the saddle at the top of Summit Creek. The trail right below the saddle is quite steep, so you can't tell what is coming up until you hit this grassy spot.

The arrow shows the actual summit. What appears to be a higher ridge to the left of the peak is actually a few hundred feet lower; it's just closer to the camera.

From here, the trail drops down, then climbs a steep goat trail to the saddle to the right on the horizon.

This picture is looking back at the way we've come. The saddle to the middle right is the spot where the previous picture was taken.

After traversing the goat trail, its time to start the climb in earnest. From here it's a rocky ridge-walk and scramble to the top.

This view shows Summit Creek saddle with Peak 10,585 and Phi Kappa Peak (on the right). Jasmine and John had climbed these two peaks several weeks earlier.

That's the second saddle in the background, and in the larger version the goat trail is visible traversing down through the trees to John's left.

Nearing the summit of Devil's Bedstead West, the scree is quite steep. However, at this point it's still Class II. Jasmine and John are only 50 feet from a false summit, and another 100 feet from the true summit.

The false summit is only about 10 feet lower than the true summit, but it's a Class 3 climb to the top. Here John diligently spots Jasmine by the only handhold he could find: her pants. Although it was in her best interest, Jasmine complained of being given a wedgie.

We all made the summit at about 2:30. Warm, sunny, and only a little wind. At over 11,000' this was Jasmine's highest summit to date, made even sweeter by the Class III summit which she handled with aplomb (note the great smile!).

The large dark face in the middle background is Goat Peak, the second highest in the range. The peak on the right may be Salzburger Spitzl. Note the large patches of ice.

Kane Lake, in the basin below, is an eerie pale green color.

Here's a better view of the summit scramble. To put it in perspective, and to help you find her, Julie has been circled in red.

It was a long hike back to the car, with tired bodies and sore feet.

And that meant it was too late to have burritos at KB's, making for an even longer drive home.

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