The summer of 2003 was busy to compensate for missing out while I was going to school this Winter and Spring. We also ventured more outside of Idaho and many new peaks. Even though it was an outstanding year, perhaps the highlight was 10-year-old Jasmine making the summit of Mt. Borah.

April 17-18 Mount Breitenbach skiing (and "planking")- no summit Bob
May 16-17 Hyndman Peak -no summit Julie and Jasmine
June 1 Snowslide Peak Richard, Julie, Jasmine, Art, and Carol
June 7 Hyndman Peak Richard and Julie
June 15 Box Lake Dave, Cindy, Lucas, Jasmine, and Richard
June 24 Mount Whitney Richard and Julie
June 28 Wolf Mountain Jasmine and Mariel
July 3-6 Surprise Valley and Standhope Peak Julie and Jasmine
July 13 Rain Peak Julie, Jasmine and friend Jamie; Art and Carol; Richard
July 20-21 Elephant's Perch Brian and Vince
July 27 Phi Kappa Peak and Peak 10,885 Jasmine
August 2 Red Mountain Jasmine, Mariel, and Julie
August 8-10 King's Peak Julie
August 31 Devil's Bedstead Peak West Julie and Jasmine
September 7 Borah Peak Jasmine, Julie; Mariel and Dylan
September 13-14 Old Hyndman and Jacqueline Peak Art
September 26 Lake Thirtythree Julie and Jasmine
December 26 Humphreys Peak, AZ Julie
December 27 Piestwa Peak Julie, Jazz, and John

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