Sheep Lake


A hike on the fisherman's trail into the Seven Devils range

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John had hiked the fisherman's trail into Sheep Lake previously with Art, so he knew it would be challenging. However, he was only vaguely aware to the reputation the Seven Devils have for holding snow late.

We even hit snow below the first pass. What would the long, cliffy traverse be like- considering it has a northwest exposure?

Fortunately, John had the foresight to bring a short rope. Jasmine was placed on belay.

The traverse from the first pass to the second has a southerly exposure. It was quite warm, and of course, dry.

The view down to Mirror Lake is wonderful. John was ecstatic to be sharing it with both his girls- at the same time!

After the second pass, we started across the scary bits. There was quite a bit of snow in some of the gullies, but footprints indicated that others had passed this way recently. Proceeding with caution, we stretched the rope across the bad spots to be used as a hand line. It didn't seem to phase Jasmine, and she was excited to finally see Sheep Lake, with He Devil in the background.

The trail is hung on the side of a cliff for about half a mile. In good conditions it's probably fairly safe, but you definitely want to watch your footing. The last bit widens out as the descending shelf of the cliff approaches the bottom. That's the shelf with the trees on it, moving from the left to the top of the scree field. At this point, you're done.
We all made it safely for a group photo at Sheep Lake, followed by a very social picnic.

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