Pilot and Freeman Peaks


Backcountry ski loop and telemark extravaganza

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Although Carl has made this loop before, it was a first for John. With a weekday, and an early start, we had peace and quiet on the long climb up Pilots. If you climb 1000 feet per hour, it takes about three hours.

If you do turns during the climb, it takes longer. It took us about five hours.

From Pilot's, its a good mush over to Freeman. And there are more turns on Freeman. We stopped about half way, put up the Megamid, and had a liesurely lunch and brew (tea).

By the time we were heading back to the car, the sun was going down. So was our energy level, and the steep chute back to the highway was challenging. It had formed a crust on one side, so alternating turns were in powder and breakable crust. The sun had gone down, so the lighting was dim. And our legs had turned to rubber.

In Idaho, real men call this Fun.

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