Mores Mountain


A different route up a favorite Boise-area hike

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We didn't have a lot of time, but John was in training for Peak Week. So off we went for a hike up Mores Mountain.

Mores is quite close to Boise, right behind the ski area. It's only about 20 miles from the house, so we have hiked this often. This day, to add some interest, we chose to ignore the trail and bushwhack up the north side, following the glades and open areas that John and friends sometimes ski.

After the initial alder, downfall, and general obstructions, the hillside opens up to grass and sage. Assuming, of course, you have chosen the correct drainage and can navigate through the woods to exit the undergrowth.

We were soon gaining altitude, even finding some snow.

Near the summit, there are fields of lupine. All that's missing is Julie Andrews.

With an absence of Germans singing, we made do with Jasmine and Milo doing some carefully synchronized break-dance steps.

Those slashes on the mountain in the background are Bogus Basin ski runs.

It had gotten noticeably cooler as we neared the summit. Looking north, the reason for the temperature drop was obvious. It started to snow. Wait- isn't this June?

We started down.

Just as fast as it came in, the storm cloud left.

Soon it was sunny again, so we spent some time on Jasmine's favorite hiking activity: glissading.

Then it was time to brave the dreaded shrubbery. You'll have to click on the picture to see the larger version. Otherwise you'll miss the look of terror on Jasmine's face.

I don't recall exactly what brought this on, but I think it was, Oh No......BUGS!

This hike doesn't really follow a trail. But if you want an adventure, try to find the "trail" at the northern trailhead on this map (which doesn't show the road).

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