The Needles


A long-cut hike to climb a granite spire above Donnelly, Idaho

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This hike was one of John's famous (infamous?) "long-cuts." John knew it was the scenic route, but it's not clear that Art knew beforehand.

In any event, Art made distressed noises when we finally got to the Needles after several hours of hard hiking.

We were only about a mile and a half from a road!

John's trail was actually a lot of fun, and provided some nice angles from which to inspect our goal, the tallest of the Needles.

When we finally got to it, Art was not convinced we were even at the right place. However, John had packed the guide book this time, and the tower in front of us matched the picture in the book. It's a 4th class scramble, but we protected it with a rope. This is not a bad idea considering the quality of the rock....

We were able to put an interesting loop together on the hike out. Working the map always makes Art happy.

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