Mores Mountain loop


A ski tour around Mores Mountain with Jazz

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This was nine-year-old Jasmine's first real backcountry ski trip. We skied from the Pioneer Lodge across the lodge trail to Mores.

As will happen if you start late, the ski patrol tried to stop us from skiing on a "Closed" run. But they were too lazy to hike up the hill, so we exercised our right to use public property, ignored their yelling, and continued on our way.

Once we made it to the picnic area, it was time to, well, picnic. We found some deadfall to crawl under for protection from the wind. Jasmine thought it was a cool fort.

Then it was off around the mountain. Jasmine wore her mom's telemark boots on some little metal-edge skis Carl had loaned her.

When we got up to Chair 5, we used our passes to ride back up the mountain to the car. Even so, it's about a six mile jaunt. Way to go, Jasmine!

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