Mores Mountain


A backcountry ski jaunt near Bogus Basin with the Boyz.

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It was a beautiful spring day in Boise, probably better suited to bike riding. We knew that the snow had been in the sun for several days, but wanted to eke out a few more turns before fat-tire season overwhelmed us. We headed for the north side of Mores, hoping the sun hadn't worked the snow too much.

In places there was still about 4" of skiable pow. But it's hard to predict where the afternoon shadows had laid.

If the sun had been on the snow, it turned that area into a skier's nightmare: breakable crust. Looking at our tracks, the clumps are obvious.

The method for coping with breakable crust varies. Sometimes you can sit way back and get your tips to stay on top. Sometimes you can gorilla-turn and stay underneath. Often it involves traversing, falling, then traverse-repeat.

Despite the conditions, we got a few turns in. Sneaking down these narrow "alleys," it seemed right turns were in good snow, left turns in crust. Now do I lean forward for this turn, or back?

Oh-oh, I think I got it backwards.

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