Goose Creek Falls


An easy warm-up hike near McCall, this one finishes uphill.

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As a warm-up for tomorrow's climb, we chose this hike. Jasmine thought it was nice to hike a trail with a nice tread, easy grade, and sunshine.

Goose Creek was in fine form; the spring run-off was especially strong because it hadn't really frozen hard the previous two nights.

Jasmine and Grampa watched the falls from above while John went down a slippery path to attempt a photograph with dramatic composition. It didn't quite work. The falls were too big to allow a zoom, and even without the zoom they did not fully fit in the viewfinder. The creek takes a sudden turn here; another step back and John would have been swimming.

John lured Jasmine down to his lower vantage point, but she was terrified. We won't show you those pictures. Up above, Jasmine was happy once again.

On the way back to the car, we had lots of fun. We balanced on logs, searched for rocks, and even found a frog.

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